You must have own Internet address where everybody can find your event photos.
You can set photos as open events or protected events. The protected events photos are accessible by password only. You can decide that the actual event will be open or protected. You can set and modify the password for protected events.

The participants of the event can find your Internet address and can select their event. They can select one or more photos with different sizezes and put them in the shopping basket.
You will receive an e-mail about every order and you can connect to your manage-page to check for more details.
You will see for each photos: little photo, original photo name, ordered number, ordered size, event name. So you can execute the order quick and easy.

When you have downloaded the new photos to your computer, you have to make them Internet ready. There are lots of different professional programs for different platforms to do that, such as: PhotoShop, Fireworks, Gimp, InfranView, Image Forge, CyberView .... and so on.

After you have uploaded the Internet ready photos you can visit your manage-page and set the new event name, categories for this event and select photos in categories. You can rotate the photos if it is required. You can set different photo formats and prices for every event!

When it is done you only have to wait for the online orders ...

The process in more detail:

LOGIN PAGE You will get a secure Internet address where you can manage your photos for different events.

You can upload new event's photos and photos for existing events. It is strongly recommended to make them first locally Internet ready on your computer.
Recommended image size is maximum 420 X 420 pixel, and a medium quality.

   You have to upload new photos with an arbitrary ftp program.

When you have uploaded the new photos, connect to the LOGIN PAGE and select Event Photos/New event. There you can set the new event name. When you click to the [Save new event name] button, the program starts to check uploaded photos size (it will be automatically decreased if the height or the the width is bigger than 420 pixels), make the small photos (with 50 x max 50 pixels) and add your invisible watermark. You can set here the category names and the event password if it is protected.

If you want to upload additional photos, connect to the LOGIN PAGE and select Event Photos/Manage existing event.
Select the appropriate event from the left column and click to the [Select] button. The program will insert the new photos as the same way as previous photos.

Go to the LOGIN PAGE and select Event Photos/Manage existing event. Select an existing event in the appripriate column.

   Here you can:

- upload new photos for an existing event, (see above).

- modify category names, you can modify category names any time.

- modify event name, you can modify event names any time.

- set protect event password, you can modify event password any time. If you clear an existing password, the event will become opene. If you enter a password for an open event it will become protected event.

- rotate photo, you can rotate uploaded photos if you forgot it before uploading.

- set category for photos, you have to set a category for all photos if you want to show them on the Internet page.
You can set or modify category step by step for every photo selecting a category below the little photo and click on the [set category] button.
You can set or modify category for all 10 showed photos simultaneously by clicking "Select for all" link and then click the [set category] button.
You can show next or previous 10 photos or 10 photos starting with any photo if you enter it's number or if you click a photo number everywhere on this page.
Check the down part of the page if all photo category is set or not. If not, you will find the number of new photos and below the following text: "You have to set category for the following photos".
Please note that every photo numbers is active link, and every small photo is active link. If you click on a small photo you can see the bigger one.

- set photo formats and prices

- browse photos data, find the "Show photo data " link at the bottom of the page to see little and big photos with original photos names and categories.

- delete photo, you can delete a photo if you have uploaded it by a mistake for example.

- change photo quality, you can modify compression, depth and quality here.

- delete event, you can delete an event if it is not actual anymore.


Go to the LOGIN PAGE and select Event Photos/Show orders. Here you can see actual orders and complete orders.

When you receive an e-mail from the program about a new order you can go here, select the latest order of the Actual Orders and execute it.
The little photos are active so you can enlarge them by clicking on them.
You can set the actual event to completed event by clicking on the "Set to complete this order" link, when the order is executed.
You will find this event from this time in the Completed Orders.

You can find the old, executed orders here by months if you want to check any information about them.


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