T H EE E M P E R O R cCenter of Japanese Civilization

The Emperor is central to ancient Shinto. Japanese myths have importance of indicating imperial history showing a variety of gods and goddesses, encircling Amaterasu-oomikami. Japanese Emperor is very different from Chinese or Western kings whose dynasties lasted only less than three hundred years, Japanese imperial dynasty has been lasting more than 2,600 years.

What has made that possible? That's because the Japanese Emperor is not only a political leader but also a symbol of Japanese civilization. No Japanese in power has ever tried to topple the emperor, as no one tries to topple the God. To destroy the imperial line is considered foolish because it will destroy one's own identity.

Likewise, Japanese has developed this unique civilization with the Emperor in the center under affluent environment. Being symbolized in worshipping a Goddess, Amaterasu-oomikami as an origin, Japanese has wished honest, quiet and peaceful life, which has formed abundant Japanese heart called "Yamato-kokoro or Nigitama", together with brave hearts of soldiers and Samurai warriors called "Yamato-tamashii or Aratama" to stand courageously against invasion or crisis.

This peaceful heart of "Nigitama" is Japanese essential spirit and the spirit enabled Japanese to keep the own unique civilization, not being involved in either Chinese nor Western civilizations.