Imperial Jeweller A.E. Köchert - Vienna

A.E.Köchert Jewellers Neuer Markt 151010 Wien Phone (43-1) 512 58 28 Fax (43-1) 513 40 22

Digital reception in May 2001
Bringing the art of imperial jewellery tradition applying 21 century technology.
Maintaining craftmanship, value, tradition, combined with integrating the efficiency of the internet superhighway. Afterall ... everybody, in Vienna or Tokyo, Berlin or London, Paris or New York, Amsterdam or Athens, should have access to share the joy Empress Elisabeth "Sisi", found in Köchert's jewellery. Sisi's uncompromising search for beauty, character, eternal creativity and respect for all life and material, is what A. E. Köchert is all about. Welcome to A. E. Köchert in May. In the meantime enjoy a few links about jewellery, diamonds, gold, pearls ... or ... immortal art.