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Just as H.C Andersen is the undisputed King of storytelling so is Storm P. the supreme Master and Lord of the cartoon. Wilhelm Busch became the father of the comic strip but Storm P. was the genius of the single-illustration cartoon giving eternal life to a rich variety of characters. From the home-less cheerful philosopher-hoboes to the eccentric inventor professors - letting them comment on an endless number of topics helping us to see life's trifling affairs in a snapshot of wisdom and compassion.

Born Robert Storm Petersen in 1890, Copenhagen, son of a butcher, he became a painter- illustrator producing over 50.000 drawings and paintings until his death in 1949. His destiny to world fame was only obstructed by the war and the occupation of Denmark in 1940.
His characters however all came through the war unharmed and live on forever.

In Denmark, Storm P. 's art is an institution just like the little mermaid or the round-tower and is loved and cherished ... by all danes regardless age, class or gender ... so if you visit Copenhagen, take bus no 24 from Raadhuspladsen (Town Hall) or Tivoli and in 10 minutes you will be at Frederiksberg Rundel with the Storm P.-museum right in front of you.

After visiting the Storm P.-museum "just around the corner" from Copenhagen Zoo, take a stroll in Fredriksberg-Have or visit one of the countless small bars and garden-restaurants around Storm P.'s beloved boulevards. And if you should run into one of his characters asking for "a fiver" don't be stingy, give him five kroner ..... it may be Aristotle, Archimedes, Pythagoras or Diogenes ..... in disguise.


Storm P. Museum
Frederiksberg Rundel
2000 Frederiksberg
Tel. 38 86 05 23
Fax 38 86 05 29

Opening hours

October - April
Wed, Thu, Sun: 10:00-16:00
May - September
Daily: 10:00-16:00 (Mon. closed)

Entrance Fee
Adult: 30 DKK, Child: 5 DKK

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